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How was your morning run today? Did you get your six miles in at 5 am? What? You were on the Command Construction jobsite at 5 am?

The crazy schedule required by the concrete construction industry makes it difficult to maintain a real fitness routine. And let’s face it. Even if a person has the time, who wants to run a few miles or go to the gym when the job itself is so physically demanding?

Like working out at the gym, your workday will go a lot better if you take ten minutes before you leave home for a basic morning stretch and flex. The fact is that sprains and strains are the leading type of construction injury. Construction workers are particularly susceptible to back and shoulder injuries and report more than a million back injuries a year. The answer to that can be as simple as a little stretching. Benefits of stretching before you start your workday include increased flexibility, improved range of motion within joints, improved circulation, improved posture, and stress relief.

In order to make Command Construction the best place to work in Central Arkansas, we’ve gathered a few resources for your use in a morning stretch and flex routine:

(Skanska Construction, The, September 2010)

(DPR Drywall Stretch and Flex, cusickwork,

(Moscaro’s Stretch and Flex Program,

What do you think? Time to try a stretch and flex?



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