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Although Command Construction Inc is a great place to work in the Arkansas construction industry, and Jason and the Command Central staff do their best to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for their crews, there’s one thing they just can’t control-- the weather. Working outside in Arkansas is a crapshoot—it’s either way too hot or way too cold—and right now, it’s way too cold.

Dressing appropriately, however, will help you keep warmer and more comfortable on the jobsite. So this is the fashion post: tips on what to wear to work in cold weather:

Dress in layers. Several layers allow you to adjust as the day progresses, and one layer doesn’t insulate as well as several. There is, however, a science to it. The first layer should be a synthetic blend that can wick sweat away from your body. Never wear cotton as the first layer next to your skin because of the way it soaks up sweat when you’re working hard and then stays wet when you cool off. The second layer should be wool. Wool is a natural fiber that will hold in body heat, so choose a wool shirt for the second layer. The third layer should be weather-proof in case the Arkansas skies decide to release some unexpected precipitation, so a weather-proof parka or vest is perfect for layer three.

Don’t forget your extremities. Some sources say 40-70% of your body heat can be lost if you don’t wear a hat. Other sources say that’s not factual, but who wants to take that chance? You’ll definitely be more comfortable in a knit cap that covers your ears. As far as hands go, wear gloves. Never depend on sticking your hands in your pockets to keep them warm. Wear as many layers of thick socks as you can without restricting the circulation in your feet.

Today’s fashion tips will keep you working comfortably on the concrete construction site. Jobsite safety is a priority for us at Command Construction, so check in for another Command Post on working safely in cold weather soon. Be careful out there!



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