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habitat1If you want to brighten your own day by looking at pictures of some really happy people, click here.  You’ll find a lot more happy people pictures by clicking here 

Why are these people so happy? It’s because of Habitat for Humanity of White County. Habitat White County makes a lot of people happy because its vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Who could be unhappy about that?

The White County chapter was founded in 2006 and has a happy staff, including Executive Director Rick Eichorn, all working out of the Habitat ReStore location at 3702 East Race. The Habitat ReStore is a re-sale shop that sells donated items. By operating this store, Habitat White County is able to raise enough money to fulfill their mission of helping families get out of substandard housing. Visit the ReStore and you’ll find great bargains and a lot of happy shoppers.

What Habitat for Humanity is famous for, however, is building houses for folks who need them, right here in our community. Just imagine how happy these new homeowners are to be able to move out of substandard housing into something safe and attractive at last.

Habitat White County makes the Command Construction team happy as well. The Habitat staff has discovered that, in the concrete construction phase of building a new dwelling for a deserving family, they can call on the Command Construction team to drop by and take care of their concrete construction needs on a volunteer basis. The Command Construction team is happy to give a little back to the community that has given it so much. Eichorn said he has known Command Construction owner Jason Evans for many years through family, community, and industry connections and knows he is generous and values the community highly. Eichorn particularly appreciates the quality concrete construction Command teams provide on the home sites. He said ‘It’s not just a volunteer thing with them; the quality really matters.’ For Eichorn, it’s also important that the Command concrete team is friendly and knowledgeable, and the homeowners really like working with them.

Don’t let the staff, the ReStore shoppers, and the Command Construction team have all the fun! You can become a volunteer at Habitat White County, too, by calling 501-278-7591 or dropping by the ReStore. Come on, get happy!


How was your morning run today? Did you get your six miles in at 5 am? What? You were on the Command Construction jobsite at 5 am?

The crazy schedule required by the concrete construction industry makes it difficult to maintain a real fitness routine. And let’s face it. Even if a person has the time, who wants to run a few miles or go to the gym when the job itself is so physically demanding?

Being the best Central Arkansas construction company means our top priority is good communication with our team. Like everyone else, we rely on texts and emails and phone calls to get the men and materials to the right place at the right time. Truth be told, we also rely on a gigantic white board mounted in a strategic, high-traffic hallway in the office where everyone can see it (right next to the coffee maker, of course). Sometimes old-school is just best.

Cold OutsideA recent Command Post addressed appropriate winter work clothes for working in cold weather on the jobsite. It’s not all about your clothes, however. At Command Construction we put a high premium on comfort and safety on the jobsite. Here are some additional tips for working in cold weather:

Although Command Construction Inc is a great place to work in the Arkansas construction industry, and Jason and the Command Central staff do their best to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for their crews, there’s one thing they just can’t control-- the weather. Working outside in Arkansas is a crapshoot—it’s either way too hot or way too cold—and right now, it’s way too cold.

Dressing appropriately, however, will help you keep warmer and more comfortable on the jobsite. So this is the fashion post: tips on what to wear to work in cold weather:



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