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At 7 am on an unseasonably warm Saturday morning, the entire Command Construction family gathered in the shop to enjoy breakfast and a couple of hours of professional education. The shop doors were open, rain pounded outside, and an unending supply of coffee flowed.

habitat1If you want to brighten your own day by looking at pictures of some really happy people, click here.  You’ll find a lot more happy people pictures by clicking here 

Why are these people so happy? It’s because of Habitat for Humanity of White County. Habitat White County makes a lot of people happy because its vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Who could be unhappy about that?

How was your morning run today? Did you get your six miles in at 5 am? What? You were on the Command Construction jobsite at 5 am?

The crazy schedule required by the concrete construction industry makes it difficult to maintain a real fitness routine. And let’s face it. Even if a person has the time, who wants to run a few miles or go to the gym when the job itself is so physically demanding?

Being the best Central Arkansas construction company means our top priority is good communication with our team. Like everyone else, we rely on texts and emails and phone calls to get the men and materials to the right place at the right time. Truth be told, we also rely on a gigantic white board mounted in a strategic, high-traffic hallway in the office where everyone can see it (right next to the coffee maker, of course). Sometimes old-school is just best.

Cold OutsideA recent Command Post addressed appropriate winter work clothes for working in cold weather on the jobsite. It’s not all about your clothes, however. At Command Construction we put a high premium on comfort and safety on the jobsite. Here are some additional tips for working in cold weather:



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